Origins Mini Facial: Review

Are you aware that you can request for a mini facial at any Origins counter (by appointment) for free? This is one of the bespoke services that Origins provide, and I think most people don’t really know about. I gave this session a trial and bring back my report.

origins counter at isetan scotts

My lovely PR friend from Origins helped me secured an appointment with Joo Ann, who is based at the counter at Isetan Scotts. According to my friend, Joo Ann is their best advisor! 🙂 She’s super friendly and very knowledgeable, so if you’re heading down, tell her Kristen said hi!

The session began with a simple questionaire to find out about your current regimen and skin needs.

skin questionaire at origins - mini facial

After looking through what I’ve filled in and asking me a few more questions, Joo Ann dispensed a few advice to me on how I might be able to improve my current regimen and also how I should choose my products.

origins counter at isetan scotts - products

Then, she started our mini facial session. These are the products that were picked out.

origins products picked out for mini facial

From left to right: Eye makeup remover, Cleansing oil, Cleanser, Exfoliator, Clay mask, Toner, Eye cream, Anti-age cream, Moisturiser.

Because my main concern is dull complexion and also suffering from quite a bit of breakouts, most of the products Joo Ann chose for me are from their Brighter By Nature series. The charcoal clay mask is also chosen because of the clogging that I experience around my nose area.

kristen with charcoal clay mask

Joo Ann also taught me how to do facial massages to make the skincare regime work more efficaciously for me.

The entire session ended approximately within an hour (including the filling in of the simple questionaire and my conversations with Joo Ann).

I left the Origins counter equipped with more knowledge on how to use my existing products, which Origins products I should add to my stash and a more radiant-looking complexion 🙂


P/S: There are several other interesting services that beauty counters provide. For instance, Jo Malone boutique provides hand massages, and I believe Vichy and Lancome offer skin analysis. These services are all available without any purchases needed.


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