(Another) Wedding Dinner Look: Sophisticated makeup

Besides meeting up with friends and celebrating the happiness of my newly-wed friend, another exciting part of wedding dinners is definitely dolling up (for me). I mean, how often do you get to pile lots of makeup on because you want to look good, yet are allowed to get experimental because the attention is not on you? :p You saw one of my recent “wedding dinner looks”, and here’s another one!

At my friend’s wedding last night, I found inspiration off one of the makeup guidebooks I bought, and decided to go for a smokey eye look that’s sophisticated, but (more) glamorous (than if you were going for a business dinner).

And here’s how it turned out:

sophisticated glam look for wedding dinner

The products that I used:

Face –
L’Oreal Paris Base Magique (to ensure the makeup stay all night!)
The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Cream
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (for contouring, I also used it in place of a bronzer for that chiselled, more sophisticated look)
Lancome Teint Miracle Correcting Pen (for highlighting)

Estee Lauder lipstick

sophistication meet glamorous - smokey eye makeup

Here’s a close-up of the eyes. Do note that this was taken after the wedding (no time to take before I leave the house!) so it may be slightly smudged.

And what I used and what I did:
I used a dark brown shade as a base, and apply it with a brush all over the eyelids. Then, I applied black eyeshadow on just the crease. Blend carefully. Pick a light brown shade that complements the dark brown one you’ve applied. I picked one that has a slight shimmer to it. Apply this light brown colour just slightly above where your dark brown eyeshadow ends (overlapping it slightly) and blend till it forms a nice gradient. The dark brown, light brown and black eyeshadow I wore are all from my Sephora blockbuster set.

To glam it up, pick up silver eyeshadow and apply it on the inner half of your eyelids. Blend well. An alternative shade is gold, but take note that this can make you look a bit older. I wore Revlon Diamond Lust.

Finally, line your upper lashline (not too thin, and wing it out) and lower lashline (as close as possible) with a black liquid eyeliner. I wore Maybelline HyperSharp Liner. This is followed by a silver eyeliner (I used L’Oreal Paris HiP eyeliner) under the black liner you’ve lined under your lower lashline (gosh, this is like a tongue-twister). You can extend the silver liner till just 2/3 of your lower lashline, starting from the inner corner of the eyes. Finally, line and smudge a dark brown liner below the silver line. Apply to just about half your lashline, starting from the outer corner of the eyes. This brown should look similar to the dark brown eyeshadow you’ve applied. An alternative to eyeliner is eyeshadow, applied with a thin brush. I wore Bebe Poshe Dazzling Eye Pencil in Brown.

I want to make a special mention to a surprising touch to the look – Bebe Poshe Hollywood Star Lashes.

bebe poshe hollywood star lashes

I had actually wanted to forgo lashes for the day and just go with mascara, because I was running late. But turned out that one of my friends wanted to come pick me up on a taxi, so it bought me a bit of time. So I thought I’d wear falsies after all. The lashes that you see me wear is the Hollywood Star lashes from Bebe Poshe. These would probably be slightly longer for our eyes, but it’s easily to trim, and it fits nicely around the eyes. Most importantly, I like that it looks natural and is super sturdy.

Bythe way, I’m also using Bebe Poshe Brow Shaper.

In case you’re wondering how the makeup will look under the warm lighting of the ballroom, here are pictures! A good chance to “introduce” you to my friends too 🙂

wedding dinner photos

wedding dinner photos

wedding dinner photos

Wonderful tonight! 🙂

Congrats once again to my newly-wedded friend (who reads my blog!)

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