Natural Vitamin C and Papaya Enzyme Peel Facial at Auriga Spa: Review

Auriga Spa, at Capella Singapore (in Sentosa), is one of the most celebrated spas in the world. I’ve visited it some time early this year and enjoyed a hand massage, this time, they extended an invitation to me to try out their new organic facial treatment – the Natural Vitamin C and Papaya Enzyme Peel Facial. And the Director of Spa, Alsu, told me that I was the second person in Singapore to have tried this new treatment! Feel super fortunate (while I wonder hard who might be the first. Herself?) 🙂

Designed specifically for urban-dwellers in tropical climate, the facial treatment uses 100% natural and organic ingredients from The Organic Pharmacy, and promises to deliver the appearance of radiant skin within one session.

Here’s the  spa, a respite from the city buzz, and staffed with patient, gentle and service-oriented therapists. I was there with The Boyfriend who’s supposed to help with photography, and we were welcomed with tea and some light snacks.

tea and snacks at auriga spa, singapore

auriga spa at capella hotel

reception area of auriga spa, singapore

A tour around the spa made me familiar with the facilities available – steam rooms, saunas, ice bowls, vitality pools – all of which you can enjoy before your spa session. There is also a Tea Room where a tea sommelier is at hand to choose a cup of tea that complements the treatment you’re going for.

I was then ushered to the room, which is elegantly designed and has an attached balcony. My therapist showed me the goodies that will go into my skin later, and explained to me their benefits, as well as how the treatment will go.

auriga spa treatment room

auriga therapist explaining treatment process to me

products for Natural Vitamin C and Papaya Enzyme Peel Facial at auriga spa

The treatment starts with a deep breathing sessiom using fragrant Jasmine bath oil, which put me at a relaxed mood immediately. Then, a carrot butter was used for cleansing and exfoliation with a flower petal mask were administered to get the skin ready for the treatment.

facial treatment at auriga spa

enzyme peel facial treatment at auriga, capella hotel

Following these steps was the application of a deep-cleansing vitamin C and papaya mask. The therapist then gave me an energising face and shoulder massage.

My scalp and hair was also well-taken care of, when a serum was applied onto it, coupled with a relaxing massage. The treatment ends with an anti-ageing collagen boost mask and a jasmine night conditioner with acupressure.

breathing in jasmine fragrance - auriga spa

Throughout the session, the therapist spoke slowly and gently, explaining the process to me, making just a moderate amount of small talk. The whole process was so relaxing, I believe I dozed off a couple of times. The skin looked incredibly rejuvenated and radiant after the facial treatment, and I was told by the therapist that, because of the effect of the enzymes, the skin condition will only continue to improve.

Natural Vitamin C and Papaya Enzyme Peel Facial treatment at auriga spa

I was then brought to a relaxation room, where The Boyfriend was on a massage chair and has already dozed off in. I rested in one of the massage chairs for a while, as I continue to keep my mind at rest.

The session was rounded off off with Skin Radiance smoothie, blended with fruit and a natural supplement that protects and replenishes the skin by promoting the formation of collagen and tissue repair. This was topped off with a specially-created meal for this treatment, consisting of salmon and a strawberry parfait dessert.

salmon - skin radiance menu at auriga spa

strawberry dessert - skin radiance menu at auriga spa

This treatment is available at $150 (additional $44++ for the meal) and has been launched since 1 October. My skin indeed became clearer in the next few days and those around me noticed the difference.
4 loves rating

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