Skin Corrector Treatment at Lancome Beauty Institute – with Visionnaire products

Everyone knows that I was impressed by Visionnare serum.

With the launch of its lotion and emulsion this month, over at Lancome Beauty Institute, the Skin Corrector Treatment is launched, using the Visionnaire products! This news got me really psyched.

What was even more exciting for me was that I was among the first to try out the treatment at its Marina Bay Sands outlet.

Before the treatment begins, tea was served.

tea at lancome beauty institute, mbs

I was ushered into a cosy room, where I changed out of my outfit and laid down on this bed.

facial treatment bed at lancome beauty institute

The bed is placed within a cocoon (picture below), where a specific coloured light is shone. In this picture, you see purple light. During the treatment, green light was used. The cocoon is signature to Lancome Beauty Institute, where colour therapy is part of the treatment.

lancome beauty institute cocoon

The 90-minute facial treatment begins with the therapist stretching my limbs. This is supposed to ensure that the body is more receptive to the goodness of the products that are to be applied on my skin later.

Then, my skin is prepared for treatment with a relaxing cleansing ritual where hot towels are placed over my skin and the therapist run her fingers over my face to “shiatsu points” in delicate movements.

The highlight of the treatment is where iontophoresis is administered. This technique makes use of a weak electrical charge to optomise the penetration of ingredients into the skin. Then, a generous dosage of Visionnaire serum is applied, and the face is covered with a iontopheretic mask. At this point, I felt a slight tingling sensation. It’s not particularly comfortable, but it’s definitely bearable. In fact, I think I managed to doze off at this point :p

After that the other Lancome Visionnaire products were also spritz onto my skin. The whole process was combined with relaxing massages on the legs, hands, neck and shoulders.

I want to show you some of the very thoughtful details that I saw at the Lancome Beauty Institute:

A shower room is available in the room, and next to the basin is a bottle of Lancome Miracle, so you can smell good as you leave the treatment room.

shower area in lancome beauty institute, mbs

I also think it’s nice that they recommend and prepare different types of tea before and after the treatment. This is my after-treatment tea:

tea at lancome beauty institute

Finally, with a hair salon that’s attached to the Lancome Beauty Institute, they also offer free hair touch-up after your treatment, knowing how you’re likely to walk out with “bed hair” that’s totally unflattering.

Here’s my touched up hair – they did temporary curls for me! Oh and that’s me without any makeup right after the treatment by the way. I think I actually look quite okay – not as scary as usual!

hair touch up at lancome beauty institute

I understand from the therapist that they’d also offer free makeup touch-up for customers who require that. For me, I walked out bare-faced because I didn’t want to cover up any of the goodness that has penetrated into my skin from the treatment.

I am satisfied with the overall service and treatment. My therapist was polite, clear in her explanation and professional. More importantly, I feel very energised the next day – a lot less fatigued at work. Those around me also pointed out that I looked more radiant!

4.5 loves rating

The treatment is available at $290 at Lancome Beauty Institute. There are two locations: #B2-40 Marina Bay Sands and Goodwood Park Hotel (Service Apartments).

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