La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion launch

There are several launches that happened in the past few weeks and La Prarie’s Cellular Power Infusion is one of the more exciting ones that I heard of.

The presentation to bloggers happened at 10 Scotts, at Hyatt Hotel, where we had a bit of a sharing session over delectable tea selections.

la prairie cellular infusion

A few things that I think are really exciting about the latest product in the Swiss brand –

1. The ingredients are activated only when you want to start using it, so the serum is fresh, pure and more effective.

2. These are not to be continuously used, but you can start on a new box of the Cellular Power Infusion (four bottles in one box, each can last you 7-10 days) once every three to four months. It’s really more like a booster whenever you feel that you’d need to rejuvenate your skin.

3. The product texture is fabulous. It absorbs almost immediately.

la prairie cellular power infusion

cellular power infusion by la prairie

On right – how the product looks after we turn the silver base to “activate” the ingredients. Shake it and you’d see the ingredients mixed (see left bottle).

cellular power infusion - how it works

I received a bottle from La Prairie but haven’t started using it because I’m in the midst of reviewing another serum. I’ll definitely let you know after I’m done with the seven-day dosage.

Finally, here’s sharing with you the wonderful tea that we had and the wonderful people I met:

tea at 10 scotts, hyatt hotel

bloggers at la prairie event


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