Murad event held at Arteastiq, Mandarin Gallery

Dermatological brands give me a sense of security. Because I know of brands out there with products concocted by people who aren’t really trained (trust me, I know the insider’s story because I’ve been a journalist and a PR person!), knowing that real experts are behind a brand makes me feel more trusting.

murad bloggers event

So when Murad (the brand created by Dr Murad) invited me to dinner, I was really excited to say yes.

The invitation was extended to a small group of bloggers (they call us beauty advocates, and I think that’s a nice label), and held at the cosy Arteastiq cafe at Mandarin Gallery (one of my favourite places to hang out).

We were served simple dinner that’s healthy – in line with Murad’s holistic image.

sandwich served at arteasetiq, mandarin gallery

wraps served at arteasetiq

Murad’s trainer from the states, Zaida, who works closely with Dr Murad was there to share with us more about the concept behind the latest Age Reform Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture. Zaida is a walking skincare encyclopedia and you can learn so much just by having a ten-minute chat with her.

murad bloggers event - with trainer, zaida

Picture taken with Zaida (in white coat!)

The long chat that I had with Murad’s brand manager was also super enriching and I must say that the team behind the brand is genuine about reaching out through the masses through media.

More pictures from the event:

murad products

murad products

kristen beauty sorority - at bloggers event

Spot me smiling really brightly

murad bloggers event

Spot me again 🙂

group shot


I have to apologise for the infrequent updating – there’s just too many events going on. I’ve been attending events at least once a week and at the same time, stretching my ears out to make sure that I’m bringing the latest news to you guys. But this also means that I’ll have lots of backlog to clear and I haven’t been able to keep up with it 😦

There are also several products pending review and this is one of those times I wish I had more than one face to try all of them (now, that’s a freaky thought). Anyhow, this latest product from Murad is one that really excites me and I’ll be incorporating it into my regime some time next week, after I’m done with my La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream.

And speaking of La Prairie, I have news from them to share with you too. In my next post, okay? 🙂


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