Pantene Beauty Roundtable at 1Altitude

It’s a definite “Yes” for me, when Pantene invited me to their event held at 1Altitude. Firstly, it’s because it’s a roundtable event, so it’s gonna be quite informative. Secondly, I’ve always wanted to check out 1Altitude, so this makes the perfect excuse.

Here are a few shots taken while waiting for the event to start officially:

beautiful sights from 1altitude

See the Singapore skyline from 1Altitude.

From 1Altitude - what you can see

More beautiful sights from 1Altitude.

The session opened with three ladies whom we can identify with – beauty-conscious and busy people – sharing about their hair problems and how Pantene products helped them resolve them.

three ladies who have tried the pantene products

Sharing testimonials about the Pantene products.

Next up was Edward, who shared about the problems that he commonly see in his clients and some tips on protecting hair. Edward is a familiar face to many of us who are/have been in the publishing industry because he does a lot of editorial work. In fact, I’ve worked with him on a few occasions when I was still working full-time at Singapore’s largest publishing company (guess which one!)

hairstylist edward chong shares hair care tips

Hairstylist Edward Chong shares hair care tips.

Finally, Dr. Jasmine Karsono from Pantene spoke about different hair problems, how we get them and how we should treat them.

Dr Jasmine talks about the different types of hair problems and why we get them.

Dr Jasmine talks about the different types of hair problems and why we get them.

It’s not all work, there’s also wonderful food too. Check out the menu and what were served:

menu at 1altitude

What we ate!

Bloody Mary-like drink

A drink that tastes somewhat like Bloody Mary.

tiger prawn salad at 1altitude

Tiger Prawn Salad

corn soup at 1altitude

Corn Soup

Black cod with spinach and almond puree at 1altitude

Black cod with spinach and almond puree

I didn’t manage to stay on for the desserts, so no picture for the last course.

I also made a few new friends at the event – very cool ladies. Patricia from sweetestsins and Nicole from Cherry Magazine.

having fun at the pantene event

Candid shot of me - obviously enjoying myself.

Patricia from sweetestsins and me

Me with Patricia

patricia, nicole from cherrymagazine and me

Patricia, Nicole and me!

I’ll be sharing more on what I’ve learnt from the event in a later post. Feel like making my content a little lighter today, because I’ve fallen ill 😦

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