Beauty Sorority: Seen and Heard

You might be seeing me quite a little around the digital world if you’ve been keeping tabs on beauty news. But for those who haven’t seen them because I’ve only shared it on Facebook and Twitter, here are the links you should totally be looking at!

I emceed for Bebe Poshe’s bloggers’ event and here’s the video!
I was interviewed at the Lancome event and here’s the video!
I’ll be contributing to Lifestyle Asia as a beauty writer, and here’s my first article!
I’ve also been contributing to SuperAdrianMe as a beauty writer and here’s one of my articles!

I’m also still writing for Aesthetics & Beauty Guide and have started contributing to Singapore Women’s Weekly. Do lend me support by “liking” the links and leaving comments like, “Kristen! You look so pretty!” 🙂

Nah, just kidding. But I’ll be real pleased if you do :p


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