I got minxed!

Guess what Rihanna and I have in common.

No, not an abusive ex-boyfriend.


rihanna with silver polka dots minx nails

Check out her nails.

kristen with minx nails

Check out my nails.

Oh yes, I can’t possibly wear that crazy meat dress Lady Gaga wore, but hey, I have identical nails with Rihanna – check that out!

This set of nails is not done using nail polish, but a new manicure method known as Minx. Minx nails are apparently loved by several celebrities including Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Madonna.

Here’s how the process goes:

The nails get trimmed, buffed and cuticles trimmed, just like any other manicure process.

minx nails process at vedure nailspa

But unlike your usual manicure, there won’t be any application of base coat. And instead of choosing the nail polish colours/ nail art design that you want, you’d be given an album of Minx stickers to choose from. The manicurist then choose stickers that fit your nail size, remove them and heat them up under a lamp.

Tip: Go for something that you can’t usually achieve with normal nail art. Choose something that’s reflective or have hologram effects, I say!

vedure minx nail stickers

The stickers are then pasted one by one carefully over every nail. The excess length is folded down.

pasting minx nail stickers at vedure

After every sticker is pasted, the manicurist files at the tip of the nails till the excess length comes off.

Tip: There’s a lot of filing happening. That’s why your nails cannot be too short when you visit your Minx manicurist.

minx nails at vedure - manicure

Finally, the manicurist seals the sticker to the tip of your nails with what looks like top coat. And then you’re all set!

manicure at vedure nailspa

The Minx nails are supposed to last for at least two weeks and if the sticker comes off, I’ve been told that you could use a hairdryer to heat it up, and then gently press it back to place.

vedure nailspa

Minx nails are exclusively available at Vedure NailSpa, located at at #04-06, Wheelock Place, and its latest outlet at B2-09, Marina Bay Sands, inside Robinsons. Prices start from $80 per set of hands.

I visited the outlet at MBS, which is small (three manicure stations and three pedicure stations) and a tad messy. My manicurist arrived at 11.30am for our 11am appointment, looking very flustered and unkempt. She’s very friendly and skilled, though, and provides professional tips when I ask her for them.

I’ve been having the nails for four days so far, and the stickers on nails that are used more often are already loose. I’m going to try heating them and pressing them down later. However, these nails are indeed more eye-catching than normal manicure, and I’ve received a lot of compliments and enquiry about them. I think they’re perfect for those special occasions where you want to make an impression.


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