Lancome’s Visionnaire Product Launch

Friday was a busy day. There was a presentation in the afternoon for my company’s clients and associates, where I have to give a 25-minute talk, and in the evening was Lancome’s Visionnaire product launch – the largest launch by Lancome to date.

It’s held at ReDot Fine Art Gallery, which is at the Tanjong Pagar Distripark. My talk in the afternoon was held at Maxwell Chambers, right next to Red Dot Design Museum, and for some strange reason, I was under the impression that it’s held there instead. And waited for Charlene, my guest for the evening, there 😦

I ended up looking for a cab frantically and managed to reach the correct place in time.

visionnaire product launch

Picture taken by Charlene, because I didn't do my job well, and didn't take the obligatory shot 😦

Anyway, was glad to be there because the ladies in Lancome’s marketing team are personal friends, and it’s always good to have the chance to meet up with them on the pretext of work.

It was also great to see Beatrice, Verlyn and Sharon.

The star of the evening is of course the Visionnaire serum. I accepted an interview where I was filmed, to talk about beauty and my impression of Visionnaire. Shall share when the cut is out.

celine from lancome

That's my dear friend, Celine, emcee of the event.

jamie from lancome

Lancome's brand manager, Jamie, giving a presentation about the technology in Visionnaire.

The other interesting things that happened at the event – unveiling of the Fall makeup collection.

lancome fall collection

Lancome's Fall Makeup Collection

lancome models with lancome national makeup artist lina

Lancome's national makeup artist, Lina, with models.

charlene and kristen with models

Us with the models 🙂

And a super detailed skin analysis.

lancome skincare diagnos

Getting my skin tested.


lancome skincare diagnos

The results: Hydration (51%, moderate), Dryness (5%, acceptable), Irregularity of skin texture (20%, no thanks to blemishes), dark spots (20%, not necessarily because of pigmentation but no thanks to blemishes again), Redness (6%), Luminosity (76%, significantly luminous).

The beauty advisor used a few probes and a camera to measure the hydration level, dryness, unevenness, dark spots, redness and luminosity of the skin.

Actually I was feeling slightly crappy about my skin because I was breaking out really badly. It is the worst break out. Ever. But heck, I’d rather face the truth about my skin and know what I need to work on.

Apparently, my skin is pretty okay! I just need to clear those blemishes (which I’m confident of clearing) and also work even harder at maintaining moisture (something I’ve been grappling with since forever). If not because of the breakout, the results would have been much better 😦

All in all, it was an interesting evening and Charlene is the best “date” I could have 🙂

Charlene & Kristen

Picture taken by Beatrice.

I’ve began a Visionnaire regime and will be sharing my review with you soon. I will also share with you about the technology behind this product. Stay tuned.

Lancome Visionnaire


3 thoughts on “Lancome’s Visionnaire Product Launch

  1. I am not satisfied from Visionnaire. I didn’t notice any skin improvment. I am really desappointed. I have a normal dry skin, few wrinkles, but my concern was my light dark spots. I really don’t know what product I should youse in order to minimize them.

    1. Hi babe. I’m no dermatologist, but from what I understand, Visionnaire isn’t really for clarifying dark spots, but more for minimising appearance of pores, refining skin texture and even out skin tone. May I suggest that you go for a brightening regime if your primary concern is dark spots? Shop around for those that targets at whitening – there are several in the market 🙂 But one that my mum (who has pigmentation problems) tried and said that it worked is shu uemura’s whitefficent pen. You might want to check this and other brightening products out. Good luck!

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