Bebe Poshe Bloggers’ Party – Kristen as emcee!

There’s a soft spot in my heart for Bebe Poshe. I remember sitting at Millenia Walk’s Coffee Club with Jiayi (Bebe Poshe’s brand manager) talking about Beaute Inn bringing in the brand, looking at some of the products for the first time and getting all excited about it. We discussed possible marketing plans and what Beaute Inn have in mind for it.

By then I’ve already fallen in love with the products. I love the glamorous and cute packaging they come in; and that the products are created by Asian (socialites) for Asians.

kristen and jiayi - bebe poshe bloggers' event

This is Jiayi. Thanks babe, for the wonderful experience!

And then Jiayi asked me to help with the translation and copywriting of the marketing materials – so some of the text that you see on the brand’s catalogue, website and some other marketing items actually carry the words that I penned 🙂

Last week, we had our first bloggers’ party at Lawry’s, Mandarin Gallery. After attending so many launch parties as a blogger, or a journalist, this time, I attended the party as the emcee 🙂

bebe poshe bloggers event - bloggers busy taking pictures

Bloggers doing their thing. The cameras were really busy.

kristen - emcee for bebe poshe bloggers event

That's me introducing Bebe Poshe to the bloggers 🙂

kristen hosting bebe poshe bloggers event

I think at this point I was sharing about the products that I like from Bebe Poshe.

Kristen, beauty blogger, emcee of Bebe poshe bloggers' event

I also shared with them the story behind Bebe Poshe - it's a brand started by Taiwanese socialites!

The event was beautifully organised. I love the bespoke ambience. Just look at the ceiling-to-floor window!

After my introduction of the brand, makeup artist, Melissa Yeo, did a demonstration with the products on Linda. The transformation is quite amazing. I always like to “steal tips” from makeup artists, so you’ll often see me asking them questions behind the scene.

melissa yeo and linda at bebe poshe bloggers event

Melissa showing everyone how to use Bebe Poshe's products.

linda after makeover

Linda after her makeover!

Then, it was the bloggers’ turn to do their makeover.

bebe poshe bloggers event - makeover contest

Bloggers doing their makeover.

makeover segment - bebe poshe bloggers event

Working it like a pro.

You can vote for the blogger that you think did the best at Bebe Poshe’s Facebook page. Voters will be picked to win a set of false eyelashes each too, so go on and vote away!

Overall, it was really a fun affair and I also managed to meet friends that I knew before like Felicia & Charlene and made new friends. Hi Minru!

Charlene & Kristen at Bebe Poshe event

Me and Charlene!

Bebe poshe event

Mini group photo!

Polaroid picture at Bebe Poshe

We also went crazy with the Polaroids. Here's Jiayi, me and Elfaine!

bebe poshe bloggers event - group shot

Big group picture!

Okay, hang on, hang on. Before I end the post, I want to post up this picture so you can see what I was wearing. I realised there isn’t a full picture of my dress and shoes, which I have spent time picking out!

bebe poshe event - kristen full body

Ta-da! Can you spot me? Right at the centre!

I will be reviewing some of the Bebe Poshe products I’ve used and also talking more about the brand. So far, the products have been doing well and I’ve integrated a few into my daily makeup routine.

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