Experience the power of essential oils at Spa Esprit

I received an invite from Spa Esprit to visit them at Dempsey Hill and to find out about the different essential oils and treatments that they have. Unfortunately I fell ill on the day of the event and had to give it a miss. I heard that the other girls had lots of fun concocting their own shower gel 😦

Nonetheless, they sent me three bottles of essential oils and a voucher for a free massage (which I didn’t have time to utilise before the expiry date).

doterra essential oils from spa esprit

I have tried the tips that are attached to the card that carried the essential oils:

Peppermint – Great as a digestive aid by rubbing it on stomach or add it to water, inhale it to alleviate asthma and nausea and to cool over-heated skin.
Lavender – Use it on feet or pillow to aid sleep, apply to skin to alleviate burns, bruises, ulcer and itches, and to address anxiety.
Lemon – Improve drinking water, take straight or with honey on sore throats, use for colds, coughs, cuts and arthritis, inhale if stressed.

I have added the lemon essential oil to my drink (because I have been coughing for the past week). The taste and scent reminds me of the Honey and Lemon Strepsils. The throat does feel clearer and soothed.

I have also applied lavender essential oil onto the pillow and had a really good rest.

Find the essential oils at Spa Esprit at Beauty Emporium, located at Blk 8D, Level 2 Dempsey Road.


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