Brow trimming at Bobbi Brown

I don’t actually go for brow trimming very often. Usually, I just tweeze the stray ones myself. But I decided that I want the shape to look better and want to let the experts take care of them and I made an appointment at Bobbi Brown ION Orchard.

Did it work?

It’s great that they do tweezing. There are counters that do shaving and I really hate it because when the brows grow back out again, they will end up as ugly stubbles. Also, the beauty advisor is super meticulous, yet still very efficient. Everything was done within about 30 minutes, and she also took care to help me fill in the brows properly and touched up my makeup based on what makeup I went there with that day.

Here’s the before and after!

brows trimmed at Bobbi Brown - before and after

How’s it?

4.5 loves rating

Nothing to complain about! Cheap to boot – just $15!


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