DrGL MAN preview and Paez launch event

It’s been a super fun (and slightly tiring) weekend. My birthday is coming and I tend to celebrate it for 15 days (like Chinese New Year, yeah?) and it’s the second day of celebrations (with Han!)

But besides birthday celebration, I was also at DrGL MAN’s preview, held at Escentials Paragon; and at Threadbare & Squirrel, where Paez launches its beautiful shoes there! Those who have liked me on Facebook should have read about this. If not, like me here!

This is the first photo taken there. And we’re each given one (mustache and) picture to keep.

DrGL MAN preview at Escentials Paragon

At the backdrop, at the door, we're all made to wear a cute mustache!

More pictures ahead:

Escentials Paragon - DrGL MAN Preview

Pretty set-up at Escentials Paragon

A super beautiful set-up at Escentials. Han and I can't resist but sit down for "tea".

dr georgia lee at DrGL MAN preview

Presenting... Singapore's most well-heeled doctor.

It’s really kind of exciting to have our Singapore brand on Escentials’ shelves, and I love how the products all look so understated. Thaddeus has started using the cleanser (our door gift) and so far it seems pretty good. I’ll update when he’s used it over a long period of time.

By the way, I’m still using DrGL Collagen Essence and it’s working well for me.

We left just slightly before the event officially ended to rush over to Haji Lane, where Paez is launched at Threadbare and Squirrel.

HM, me and Han took a series of pictures but most of them didn’t turn out to well. Mainly because Abel, one of the good folks who brought Paez to Singapore, can’t operate a digital camera…………

paez launched at threadbare and squirrel

HM, me and Han!

And I’m going to have a Paez shoes for myself!!! WHEE!~~ I’ll show pictures when I lay my hands on them 🙂

Paez shoes in SIngapore

I'm getting the one that's closest to us. The one with lots of hearts.

A better picture of us here. Abel took it with the iPhone.

threadbare and squirrel at haji lane launches paez

A better pic...

By the way, besides liking Beauty Sorority on Facebook, please like DrGL and Paez Singapore on Facebook too, to get updates!\

On a slightly separate note, Beauty Sorority will be going through a face lift! I hope to launch the new layout on my birthday (it’s this Saturday), so wait for it!!! 🙂

P/S: Do you know I’m giving an awesome product from The Body Shop? It’s the new Body Butter Duo. Check out details here!


2 thoughts on “DrGL MAN preview and Paez launch event

  1. May I know how do you get invite to these events? I want to be a lifestyle blogger too and am planning to start a blog. Plse help.

    1. Hmm, it’s kinda hard to really tell you. Georgia is a business contact, and I know one of the partners of Paez 🙂

      Good luck with the blog and have fun!

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