Benefit B.right Radiant skincare line: Bloggers meet-up

Benefit Cosmetics revealed their soon-to-be-launched skincare range – the B.right Radiant skincare line to a few members of the digital media, including myself (for 8flo) and Jade. It was also great meeting new friends like Jerlene and seeing Renee and Jenny again.

benefit b.right radiant skincare line bloggers' meet-up

Jade, Jenny, Jerlene, myself (gosh, ALL Js!) and Sok Kheng and Catherine representing Benefit. Photo courtesy of Jade!

The range is a beautiful turquoise colour and I wore eyeshadow of a similar shade to the packaging to match the occasion. I actually took pictures of the makeup BUT… I deleted them by accident 😦 ARGH.


The new range!

First impression of the range (by trying them on the hand) is that products are lightly and very pleasantly scented, and absorb really fast. After application, the skin feels very refreshed and I’m really excited to include them in my regime. Review will come in real soon.

I brought along my colleague for the event and he’s taken a lot of pictures there. Gonna share them with you once he’s done with the editing. 😀


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