Look of the day: Work and MFW press conference

Went for Men’s Fashion Week’s second press conference today and this was the makeup that I wore.

i-mean-business makeup

My makeup for the day.

This is my interpretation of an I-mean-business makeup. I wanted something serious-looking yet still chic.

And then after some TWG yummies, the lipstick came off, and I think the look became less intimidating.

With 8flo bloggers at MFW

With 8flo bloggers.

My article’s here, go read!

OK, that concludes this mini post 😉


6 thoughts on “Look of the day: Work and MFW press conference

  1. I loved your lipstick today! Was going to ask you what it was, but slipped my mind! it reminds me of a unicorn, for some reason! but in a good way! I like unicorn colours heh.

    1. i’m wearing shiseido perfect rouge. a fushcia shade in the series. it’s rather moisturising too, so i might just call it my fave lipstick soon 🙂 haha unicorn! i love unicorns so that’s kinda cool! :p

      p/s: i wanna start wearing bright orange or red lipstick!!

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