Taitai Tuesday with pictures!

YAY! I’m finally updating from my laptop and I’m elated. I must commend WordPress for stepping up to resolve the attack. They’ve taken time to reply every email and fix every issue. It took a while but I can’t be happier to get my blog up again.

So, it was tiring but really fun yesterday. I came home with a bit of sore feet but glad that the house was filled with Jo Malone fragrances (from my body, ehem!) and everyone took turns to smell my hair (I know this sounds gross, but really, my hair smelt of botanical-goodness after the hair spa! You would have smelt it if you had the chance too, don’t deny it!)

The cocktail party went really well too and I had a blast.

Lots of activities yesterday also mean lots of work today (and the next few days). Thank God I love writing.

Here are a few pictures that I managed to snap. I’ll be sharing with you other pictures from the organisers. Wait for them!

Jo Malone Tea fragrance blends launch at Fullerton

The bespoke event by Jo Malone.

The first event that I went to was by Jo Malone. I’m in the midst of working on an interesting angle to introduce its new range of fragrances to 8flo Lifestyle readers. The event was held at the Governor’s Suite at Fullerton Hotel. I’ve never been in there before this. It’s really beautiful.

They treated every guest from the media to a Jo Malone hand massage and concocted a unique fragrance based on our preferences. I told them that I’m feeling like a musky-meets-floral scent and there, I got it.

We then moved to the huge balcony area, where the training manager gave us an insight about the new range of fragrances and we get to try them.

There was also a little talk by TWG on the history of tea-drinking.

Jo Malone event at Fullerton

This is the balcony area where we tried the new fragrances.

awesome view from governor's suite, fullerton hotel

Some of the most beautiful landmarks in Singapore can be seen from here.

See Singapore Flyer and MBS from Fullerton

Can you see the Singapore Flyer and MBS?

I bet it’ll look even more spectacular at night.

Event by Jo Malone in Singapore

Another elegant display.

You know what? I’m not the best photographer, so I’ll show you more images when I get my hands on the event pics taken by the pros 🙂

Jo Malone press gift

My press gift 🙂

The above is my press gift. I’ve already tried the two fragrances at the event. These two are great for layering, so I’m excited to experiment with them. And then I’ll give you a review about it 🙂

From Fullerton, I went down to Tanjong Pagar for the hair spa review appointment. I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag yet, but we’ll be having some goodies to share with 8flo Lifestyle readers. Remember to visit the magazine next week 🙂

And then, I met up with Herman for the Cointreau event, organised by the folks at Word of Mouth Comms, who have become friends, so it’s always a joy to work and catch up with them at the same time. I was especially excited about this event because Cointreau is launching a limited edition coffret in Singapore, which is designed by Dita Von Teese. Some of you may already know how I love the pin-up girl look and dramatic elegance, so this is really cool. I actually brought along a hot pink lipstick, wanting to go with the coffret, but alas! I was rushing from places to places, I totally forgot about wearing it 😦

My Private Cointreau Coffret event

Even the cocktails served at this event are in a pretty flamingo pink.

8flo at cointreau event

This is Herman and me, holding a glass of purple Cointreau cocktail.

That was Herman looking flushed after two or three drinks. And a tired, but happy Kristen. I love the purple cocktail a lot, shall share the recipe with you on 8flo Lifestyle. By the way, see my beloved coloured contacts? One of them broke into two last night 😦 I can’t believe how fragile it is! And it’s just the fourth time I’m wearing it. Grr.

Anyway, similarly, pro pictures coming your way. Just take these as a teaser, ok?

I was telling Sarah from WoM that my jewellery box looks like the Cointreau coffret! To make my point, I shall show you the two:

cointreau coffret and my jewellery box

See my jewellery box but ignore the mess and imagine I have studio lights.

Similar, right? Except that mine is about 10 times smaller and 10 times cheaper. LOL.

OK, back to work.


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