DrGL launch party at Escentials Paragon

I was invited to DrGL skincare line’s launch party at Escentials as 8flo Lifestyle’s editor. Had a blast 🙂

This is not gonna be a super detailed article about the products because I’m saving the content for the article that I’m gonna put up on the magazine. This entry is to give you an idea of what went on at the event 🙂

DrGL Launch party at Escentuals

The cosy Escentials @ Paragon

Dr Georgia Lee at DrGL launch party

The doctor herself gave a speech.

I’m pretty amazed at some of the offerings of DrGL. As a beauty journalist, I come across several types of products and some of the products in DrGL’s skincare line are pretty different.

The eye repair cream is packaged in an interesting, and I’d like to think, more hygienic way:

DrGL Eye Repair by Dr Georgia Lee

Eye Repair cream that comes in capsules like that.

I’ve heard of body-and-face creams, but this one is watery and can be used on the hair too:
DrGL Hair/face/body cleanser by Dr Georgia Lee

This cleanser can be used on the face, body and even hair. Multi-tasker!

We always know the toner as the second step of the skincare regime after the cleanser. Dr Georgia Lee recommends this as the second step:
DrGL Post Cleanser by Dr Georgia Lee

Use this after the cleanser and before the toner to prep your skin and "close" the pores.

Too specific?! I thought to myself, when I saw a sun protection product that says the SPF is 22.3. The beauty advisor told me that that’s because study has shown that if you want to formulate sunscreen product that’s water-based, SPF22.3 is the highest you can go. Interesting!
Sun Protection for oil control or acne-proned skin by DrGL

SPF22.3? This got me curious.

I’m used to seeing moisturisers that are in lotion form, or gel, cream. The DrGL one is water – great for Sinapore’s humid climate. Fragrance-free too.
DrGL Moisturiser for all skin types by Georgia Lee

I've never seen moisturisers that are not cream nor gel but water.

DrGL at Escentuals

All the products.

DrGL makeup

Makeup products are available too.

Dr Georgia Lee and Beauty Sorority

Dr Georgia Lee and me

Dr Lee is one of the most humble and friendly influential persons I’ve met. As a renowned doctor, accomplished in several areas, including being a fashionista, she really has zero airs. (And if you know me, you know I don’t dispense praises loosely).
Finally, at the end of the event, I was given this box as a door gift.
Door gift at DrGL launch party at Escentuals

Guess what's inside? 🙂

DrGL Collagen Essence

It's DrGL Collagen Essence!

I’m going to use it and will tell you how it worked for me 🙂


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