Spa Botanica Spa by Night: Review

Last August, I booked a Spa by Night package with Spa Botanica as a birthday treat for The Boyfriend. I finally feel inspired to do a review on it 🙂

spa botanica at sentosa

This was taken after dinner and it was really dark. This was the best pic we could manage 😦

The service

I booked for the session via email and I was incredibly pleased with the speed of reply, the comprehensive information and generally grammatical language. Although different duty officers took charge of replying to my queries everyday (I had a few questions), the response was seamless, so it’s evident that each officer did a proper hand over to the next duty officer, or they have done their “homework” by reading the threads before replying me. I made the enquiry on 24 July and all queries and booking was done by 27 July.

What Spa by Night consists of

It was one of the promotional packages available, and costs $269 nett per person. The package includes a treatment of your choice, followed by a four-course dinner. All guests are also entitled to complimentary usage of the spa garden facilties, which included the swimming pool, float pool with cascading waterfalls, mud pool and indoor jacuzzi from 10am to 6.30pm.

The treatments that you can choose from are:

1) Papaya Clay Wrap

2) East West Blend Massage

3) Traditional Aromatherapy Massage

And the dinner menu by The Garden restaurant is as follows:

1) Salmon Tartar: daikon, lemon oil and avocado wasabi puree 

spa by night dinner

This was the Salmon Tartar. I especially love the refreshing touch of wasabi topped with roe at the sides. Those were really yummy.

2) Chicken Noodle Soup: roasted chicken consomme with buckwheat crepe “noodles” and baby garden vegetables
chicken noodle soup spa botanica

This was very smooth and light.

3) Skate served with fresh coconut and coriander marination  or Herb Crusted Lamb Rack with truffle and wild mushrooms:

lamb rack for spa by night

The Boyfriend ordered this. I tried the rice and liked its flavour.

the skate at sentosa resort and spa, the garden restaurant

I had the skate. I didn't particularly like it but I love crunching on the coconut slices. The rice was good too.

4) Petite Garden Sweets – an assortment of chocolate desserts
petite garden sweets at the garden, sentosa

This is a treat for chocolate-lovers.

My experience

The Boyfriend and I opted for the Traditional Aromatherapy Massage. 

We travelled there by taking a shuttle bus (schedule available on the Spa Botanica website) from Vivocity (there’s a bus available from outside Paragon too). We arrived at about 5pm and had to go through a registration as well as a survey, where we indicated the areas that we’d like to focus on during the massage (e.g. neck, calves, arms) and how we preferred the massage strength and effect on us. The survey also asked about the ailments that we may have.

herbal tea before spa

Hot herbal tea before pampering session

After drinking a cup of aromatic herbal tea, we changed into our swimwear and went to enjoy the spa facilities. We particularly spent lots of time at the mud pool and the waterfall. We had a lot of fun while giving our skin a pampering with the dead sea mud. The place was also serene, private and offered a fantastic view that I can’t find anywhere else. It was really… paradise on earth.

waterfall pool at spa botanica

Whee! Taken at the cascading waterfall.

waterfall at spa botanica, sentosa

Haha, kinda fun!

view at spa botanica

The view was awesome.

mud pool at spa botanica

This is the mud pool.

Then, our therapists came over to remind us that it’s time for our treatments. We booked the session for 6pm and I wished that I had arrive earlier at Spa Botanica to spend more time using the facilities 😦

After washing up and drying ourselves, the therapists led us into a private outdoor pavilion. I didn’t manage to bring along the camera for this part of the session, but I must say that it was really interesting. It was outdoors (no air-con, and we were surrounded by greenery) but there was really nobody around us besides the therapists.

The therapists then explained to us the different effects of the aromatic oils, and we got to smell them. Then we chose what we wanted. I can’t remember what The Boyfriend chose, but I went for Rose. The massage lasted for 60 minutes and while it wasn’t like OMG-good, I can’t really complain about it. There wasn’t tacky music playing the background, by the way. Just the natural trickling sound of water. The Boyfriend fell asleep during the session.

After the 60-minute pampering session, we proceeded to the poolside for dinner (you can choose to have dinner at the pavilion where you had the massage or the poolside). It was a private table set away from the rest of the patrons.

bread for appetiser at spa botanica

Bread with dips was served to start us off. One of the bread was already munched off.

scallop appetiser, spa botanica

They also served this juicy scallop as appetiser.

The food was enjoyable and filled us moderately. The only complaint that I can have was that as we were seated away from the rest of the patrons, it was hard to get the attention of the waiters. If we wanted any assistance, we could only wait till they come over to serve the next dish or walk into the restaurant to ask for help. It was also a little dark so I can’t see what I’m eating very well.


4.5 loves rating

It was an indulgence that I’d like to have again. Maybe this year’s birthday? 🙂 Spa Botanica is located at The Sentosa Resort & Spa. I think the promotion that I went for is already over. Check out the Spa Botanica website to get updates.


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