Skin Inc Oxy Miracle Peel face treatment

Thanks to the Skin Inc loyalty card, you can get a complimentary Oxy Miracle Peel face treatment (worth $128) when you spend $128 in the store. And I made an appointment and went for the treatment over the weekend.

skin inc oxy miracle peel face treatment

The treatment regime goes like this: cleansing oil (which smells like lavender!), cleansing foam, facial mist. The highlight of the treatment is the oxy miracle peel. It involves squirting of oxygen goodness on the skin with a machine. Nothing is actually touching your skin, but you’ll feel the oxygen. This process helps to remove dead skin cells and also the less stubborn blackheads.

Finally, a mask is applied and the face treatment is done!

I actually enjoyed the session very much because the beauty consultant is friendly. She was also genuine about sharing about Skin Inc’s products, and made useful recommendations without being pushy.

I walked out of Skin Inc looking more radiant. The skin looked evidently brighter even without makeup and feels soft to touch too, probably because the dead skin cells are removed.

Oh by the way, if you’ve read my review about the Skin Inc sunscreen, they’re apparently going to stop selling that and are selling a tinted one that’s more like BB cream and comes with more coverage. The beauty consultant said that many others have also complained about the smell and requested for more coverage, so from now, they’re only going to sell that new version. I’m gonna try it out soon I think 🙂


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