What I bought in Seoul

One of the reasons why I love Seoul is because of the shopping. This trip I bought myself these beauty products:

Korean beauty products
Above: Top left is Collagen Moistfull skincare set from Etude House. To its right, lip brush from Holika Holika, two sets of falsies from Innisfree and Etude House. The blue pen is a brow pen with brush tip. Under Collagen Moistfull is three tomato leave-on masks from Tony Moly. Below the tomatoes are nail polish from Tony Moly, nail polish top coat from Etude House, gel liner and lash glue from Saem and tweezer from Innisfree.

I must highlight that the tomato leave-on mask seems quite amazing. The sales assistant applied a bit on my hand when I entered, and after about 10 minutes of talking to me, she cleaned it off and I saw a freaking white patch on my hand, where the mask had been. It’s kinda amazing. That’s why I’m giving it a try and I’m gonna share with you how it goes.

Ok, you might be wondering – is that all??? After all, you saw a picture that looked like this:

Tired from shopping at Myeongdong.

Yeah, I spent a ridiculous amount of money at Myeongdong but they’re not all for me! I bought stuff for friends as gifts, and other stuff which people have asked me to help buy.

beauty stores in myeongdong

My brother, mum, dad who travelled with me also bought stuff. Yes, dad, too. I’m surprised because he’s the last person you’d expect to buy any beauty products, yet I think he succumbed to the allure of Myeongdong’s beauty stores and finally asked me “What’s good for people with oily skin?”

Korean facial masks bought from Myeongdong.

The above are all the facial masks that I bought from Myeongdong’s stores. Not all are mine (maybe just… 40% of them?). Some are my mum’s and bro’s. Got a few for relatives and friends too. This should last me till my next trip (if I’m going again). The last batch of masks that I bought in April were only all used up in November. By the way, this picture was taken at the hotel. I spread everything out on the blanket. I stayed in Rainbow Hotel at Namyeong area, by the way – in case you’re interested.

For choice of hotels, I always look out for what I call my “4Cs”: Convenience, Crime-free (I really mean safety. In other words, not located in “complicated” regions. I used crime-free so that it can begin with C, haha!), Clean and Cheap.

Rainbow Hotel is just a 3-minute walk away from Namyeong subway station (Line 1, and two stops away from City Hall station, which where you can change to Line 2 and is near one of the palaces in Seoul) and a 10-minute walk away from Sookmyung Women University subway station (Line 4, two stops away from Hoehyeon station, which is next to Namdaemun Market, and three stops away from Myeongdong!). Super convenient. It also has 24-hour convenience stores and several eateries in the vicinity.

But I digress. So, back to shopping…

Besides beauty products, I also got for myself: two dresses (You’ll be seeing one of them soon enough. I’d be wearing it to tonight’s Remy Martin party), a pair of stockings, a bag, two pairs of shoes (that I uber love!), a rosary bracelet from Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral, where I attended Sunday Mass at. The church is super pretty, by the way. Here are a few pictures of it:

Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral

Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral

Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral

Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral

Beautiful, right? It’s the first church in Korea, and a gothic cathedral. The picture in my last entry where I was under a tree with red autumn leaves was taken there, too 🙂

More in the next entry!

P/S: Check out Seoul Awesome as well. Leslie T. goes in-depth for each tourist spots. He just covered Insadong in his latest entry.


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