Lin Chi Ling at Longines event!

Remember I asked you what look I should go for when I attend the Longines event?

Most of you said you think a gold-and-brown combi is best, so here’s the look!

Longines MBS look of the day

So the event featured the appearance of Lin Chi Ling! I managed to steal some shots of her and the mob of photographers all trying to get a piece of her.

Lin Chi Ling at Longines event

lin chi ling at mbs

lin chi ling at press conference

Lin Chi Ling in Singapore

lin chi ling at press conference

But of course, because the photographers need pictures of her for work purpose, I didn’t rush to the front with them. I only took pictures from afar. I thought this could also give you guys an idea of how it was like at the event.

Here’s a picture that the 8flo Lifestyle photographer took:

Lin Chi Ling - covered by 8flo

For more pictures and the write-up on how the event went, read here.

When I asked a question during the media conference, and Chi Ling looked at me and answered it, I swear her smile mesmerised me. GIRL CRUSH!

I attended the event with Geri and here’s a picture of us posing in front of a purple Christmas tree in front of Ion Orchard.

In this picture you could also see my getup of the day.

editors in orchard

I’m crazy in love with the new pair of stockings I bought! But it ran a little already, thanks to the chip in my nail 😦 I’ve used clear nail polish to patch it (hehe! tip of the day!) and hopefully it’ll be fine. Shall try it on another time to see if it worked.

my stockings


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