Attended Pandora Jewelry opening at MBS in L’Oreal Paris HiP makeup

Danish jeweller, Pandora Jewelry, opens another store at MBS on Tuesday, and I was there to cover the event for 8flo Lifestyle. Woohoo~

The event was well put together – canapes to feed us, drinks, yummy alcoholic chocolates (my fav), roulette and an amazing performance to entertain the guests.

I was there in a black cocktail dress and also tried out the new L’Oreal Paris HiP eyeshadow and eyeliner that have been delivered to me.

l'oreal paris hip eyeshadow in platinum and black eyeliner

I'm wearing L'Oreal Paris' HiP eyeshadow in Platinum and its black eyeliner.

loreal paris hip eyeshadow in platinum

I must say that these products gave an AWESOME effect, particularly for an evening event like this. I’m loving it. But let me go try out the other colours and I’d do up a review proper, alright?

Ok, now back to the event.

Pandora is known for their charms and customers are known to slowly “collect” them and string them into the bracelet/necklaces that they got until it gets filled up. Besides charms, they also sell ready-made rings and necklaces.

pandora jewelry rings

pandora jewelry charms

These blue charms are lovely.

pandora jewelry charms

The entertainment at the event was great too.

pandora jewelry event at mbs

Photo opportunity with performers that you'd probably only see at a Las Vegas' carnival.


pandora jewelry mbs opening

Acrobatic performance by graceful performers.


pandora jewelry opening at mbs

pandora jewelry casino theme

Play roulette with "chips" that you get when you register, by rolling a dice to determine how many you'd get.

pandora jewelry event drinks

And this is my colleague getting drunk. (He's getting a drink for someone lah!)

Finally, after a great night of drinks, games and mingling, members of the media received this in our media kits:

pandora jewelry media gifts

Tada! Three pretty charms from Pandora Jewelry! Which gives me a great reason to start collecting them 🙂


For more pictures and more about the event, read here!


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