Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Tutorial: Review

Because I needed to stock up stuff for the 8flo makeup kit (side note to models working with us: we use quality products!), I decided to sign up for the Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Tutorial with Wen. It’s $50 for two, and fully redeemable with Bobbi Brown products. Sounds like a deal.

There are hourly slots for the classes everyday for this month at Isetan Scotts.

Wen chose the Conceal & Cover Up tutorial, while I went for the All About Eyes. They’ve got six tutorials to chooes in all, including one for the brows-drawing, for blusher application, lipstick application and skincare.

Yvonne was the beauty advisor who guide us through the tutorials.

Here are images of Wen going through her class.

Bobbi Brown tutorial: Wen's conceal and cover up class

Yvonne cleansing away the makeup on Wen's face with a very refreshing remover.

Bobbi brown tutorial

Yvonne teaching us how to use the brush to apply concealer.

Bobbi brown tutorial

Hands on. Wen trying out what she's just learnt - applying loose powder.

Tips gathered from Wen’s Bobbi Brown Conceal & Cover Up tutorial:
1) Use a brightener before the concealer to get more coverage and to brighten up the eyes.
2) When choosing a concealer, choose a cream-based one and make sure it’s moisturising. This is to ensure that there won’t be creases at the undereye area.
3) When applying foundation with a brush, start from the centre of the face, then work your way out. Move your brush in the same direction as your hair grows, i.e. from the nose to the ears.
4) When picking up loose powder, pour some out onto your palm, then press the brush onto the powder. Finally, tap off the excess. If you tend to have sweaty palms, pour the powder onto the cap of the loose powder jar instead.
5) When choosing the tone of foundation, test it at your jawline. If it looks yellow, it’s too dark; if it’s ashy, it’s too light.
The tutorial lasted for about 30 minutes.
Then came my turn.  
Yvonne showed us how to achieve smoky eyes effortlessly. All you need is a cream base, a dark shade, a medium shade and a highlighter.
Bobbi brown tutorial

This is me, applying a cream base on the eyelid.

Bobbi brown tutorial

Yvonne demonstrating the application of the darkest shade of eyeshadow.

Bobbi brown tutorial

Yvonne patiently showing the tricks of the trade while I listened attentively. I'm a good student!

Bobbi brown tutorial

I tried the gel eyeliner.

Ok, a bit regarding the gel eyeliner. I actually thought it was pretty good. The pigment was intense and application was really easy. It doesn’t smudge easily too.
Bobbi brown tutorial

Applying a brown eyeshadow on the lower lid as "eyeliner".

Bobbi brown tutorial

After application of eyeshadow 🙂

Bobbi brown tutorial

Tip: Dip a Q-tip into your makeup cleanser and remove any "mess" you've caused.

Bobbi brown tutorial

Applying the mascara

Bobbi brown tutorial

Apply concealer to ensure the look is clean.

Bobbi brown tutorial

Dab the concealer to make sure it blends into the skin.

Bobbi brown tutorial

The finishing touches completed with some blusher.

Tips learnt from my Bobbi Brown All About Eyes tutorial:

1) If you’re going with elaborate eye makeup, start off with it first, even before you apply your foundation. That way, you can use the concealer and foundation to hide any smudges from the eye makeup so that the look is clean.
2) To clean off little smudges without ruining the entire look, dip a Q-tip into your makeup remover and dab onto the problem area.
3) For intense eye makeup, begin with a cream base so that the makeup is able to last longer.
4) When applying eyeliner, ensure that the line gets thicker as it goes to the outer eyelid.
5) To ensure that the colours don’t look to “sharp”, use a brush and blend, blend, blend!

My tutorial took about 40 minutes.

Psst, by the way, I heard from Yvonne that they do makeovers too. It cost just $80 and guess what – it’s fully redeemable with products too!

More pictures to the look:

Bobbi brown eyes

Bobbi brown eyes

Bobbi brown look

The look from the front.

Bobbi brown look

Another angle.

Bobbi brown look

Another angle.

Bobbi brown look

The profile.

Bobbi brown products and such.

The products I got and the booklet.

I bought the gel eyeliner (of course!) and a brush cleanser. The former is $40 and the latter $25.

Too bad I had to go home to get some work done after that. No hot date to go for to show off the makeup 😦

Did it work?

This tutorial is really basic, so for those of you who are already makeup pros, seriously, this is not for you. But for those of us who needs some guidance to proper makeup, it is indeed helpful.

For me, I think my makeup ability is ok, but I pretty much figure out everything myself through observing makeup artists, watching videos, reading guidebooks and just trial-and-error. So this tutorial helped me to get a better grasp of fundamental ideas.

I also like that the advisor demonstrates first, and then watches you do it, while dispensing some advice. This hands-on experience gives me more confidence is actually replicating what I learnt in the future too. You know, how you might watching how a youtube makeup guru apply, but because she’s not beside you watching you as you do it, you’d never be “sure” if you’re doing it right? The Bobbi Brown tutorial, in this sense, is more a dummy’s guide – which is good.

Yvonne was also very informative and patient with us. I (as well as my friend, Wen) usually like to ask lots of questions when attending classes because we’re nerdy inquisitive and keen to learn, and she has generously responded to every question clearly.

It’s also rather good value for money. It costs $35 for one person, and if you bring a friend along, it’s just $50 (two $25 vouchers). This could allow you to get, approximately, one product each, without topping up much.

3.5 loves rating
Not super-inspiring, but there are good tips and tricks to take away with.


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