10:10:10 events

Yesterday, 10 October 2010 (or 10:10:10), was a preferred date for couples to tie the knot. And then it’s also known as the Global Day of Doing, where many organisations make their push towards green consciousness. I was invited (under the 8flo banner) to attend two of such events, and here’s just some sneak peeks to them.

Pictures taken with my not-meant-for-photography phone:

Went for Jujube’s launch at Terra Plana, Mandarin Gallery. Terra Plana is a retailer of shoes made from sustainable materials. Yesterday, Jujube, a fashion label, joined them at the store.

I love the vibrant colours of this collection, aptly titled Birds of Paradise:

jujube launch1

jujube launch2

jujube launch3

After that, we went down to Krish @ Rochester Park for 10:10:10 Green Carpet Edition, where a charity concert featuring local bands and artistes was held from 11am to 8pm. There was also a flea market going on, selling items that are either pre-loved or are made of recycled/recyclable materials. I got a tote from there for a good friend’s birthday.

green carpet edition - sixx

10:10:10 Green Carpet Edition: That's Sixx taking the stage. They were awesome, btw.

Green consciousness just became cooler, I think.


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