Singapore Jewelfest 2010 Majestic Masterpieces Opening

Was invited under the banner of 8flo Lifestyle to cover Jewelfest 2010 and it’s amazing! Last night was the opening and is titled Majestic Masterpieces.

jewelfest makeup

My makeup for the night: gold and dark brown eyeshadow with dull red lipstick. Outfit: Silver V-cut top, puffed sleeves, cropped black jacket with gold buttons and 3/4 sleeves, black high-waisted tailored pants.

No full-length picture because I was rushing!

I was really amazed to see the Jewel Pavilion that was built especially for the event at the Civic Plaza (yes, you’re right, the open-air area at Ngee Ann City where you use to sit around at near the fountain) and the immense collection of jewels.

I especially LOVED the runway performance, showcasing gorgeous dresses by Francis Cheong, makeup by Shu Uemura and hair by Action Hair Salon. Love the edgy presentation and love how the hair and makeup bring out the colour of the jewelleries and dresses.

Some pictures for you to drool over. Not fantastic ones, because 8flo sent a pro photographer down, so I didn’t intend to take any pictures at first. But couldn’t resist taking some with my phone because the models were really great. I’ll post up the link from 8flo Lifestyle’s site once the pictures are ready.

jewelfest 2010 runwayjewelfest 2010 runway

jewelfest 2010 runway

jewelfest 2010 runway

One of my favourite pieces - Lady Royale by Goldheart - which is luxuriously dramatic.

Also met interesting people and discussed topics that were particularly interesting to me – the beauty industry, the online media and how it is the new frontier for branding campaigns, and about wine and jewels. Great people, great company, plus great champagne from Piper Heidsieck.


I was on the topic of “media etiquette” with my colleagues last night. This was sparked off because we witnessed how a particular photographer cut through the posse of photographers, right to the front, to take an important picture (yes, everyone wants that shot, we know), and selfishly blocked three other photographers who were beside (but now behind) him. Total contrast to another kind photographer, who would ask photographers around her if they needed that angle, and she would move aside for a minute to allow them to get their picture too.

And I thought about the time when a senior reporter came over t0 pass me contacts to key people (the newsmakers) and gave me tips to how I should tackle the story. Though I’ve lost contact with him now, I will always remember him fondly.


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