My close encounter with Maria Sharapova!

utt and maria sharapova

We all know Singapore is hosting the WTA, so it’s no wonder that the top 8 female tennis players have arrived at our shores. While I’m no tennis fan, I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet an International tennis star. So I brought along someone who could appreciate it more – Joe.

2014-10-15 18.35.20

TAG Heuer and evian organised a big event at the White Rabbit for us media and influencers to interact with Maria Sharapova. With TAG Heuer’s belief of not allowing oneself to crack under pressure, and evian’s attitude towards living young, there were a few games planned out that stay true to their mission and vision.

One of the more memorable games was the table tennis game which Joe played against Maria Sharapova. Click here to view the video.

Too bad we didn’t get to interact with her more as she had to rush to launch her Sugarpova candies at Robinsons.

Men and Women Perceive Beauty Differently

I’ve always believed that men and women have differences in what they consider attractive. The genesis of this theory is owing to my female friends commenting on whether a particular girl is attractive or not, and most of the time, my male friends and I disagree with them. So I decided to test my theory with Juliet. Here’s a list of female celebrities we used to test my theory.

Katy Perry.

Juliet: Yes

Keith: No

Kirsten Dunst.

Juliet: No

Keith: No

Liv Tyler.

Juliet: Yes

Keith: Yes

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Meet the Beauty Blogger’s Boyfriend (BBB, better than BB cream)

We all know the marvelous effect of BB cream – how it can cover our blemishes and make us look naturally radiant without the need to pile on too much make up.

Recently, this blog owner has found something even better than BB cream. It’s called the “BBB”, short for Beauty Blogger’s Boyfriend.

The brand of this BBB is called Keith. Much has been spent to enhance the quality of the product thus the packaging has been neglected. Then again, our parents would have taught as well and said “don’t judge a book by its cover” or some may prefer to do it the channel 8 style by saying “don’t judge a cover by its book”.

After using Keith, the beauty blogger has become prettier with better glow and radiance. No, today’s post won’t be about product promotion as there is no point to do so since it has already been taken by this blog owner. Today we will be talking about the life of being a BBB.

Before we were together, my fashion style was about being safe and plain (wait, can we even call that a fashion style?). Facial care was just a waste of time and money. I’m also quite a procrastinator by nature.

I’ve never really thought there will be a change in me after we got together. But comments from my ex-colleagues have proven otherwise. I slowly began to realised that I might going through puberty a second time. The changes I experienced include becoming more aware of fashion and probably more daring with my fashion choices.

With free skincare products that were sent to Beauty Sorority, a perk that I got as BBB is that I get to use them to maintain my looks too. It will be scary and unimaginable  if people start commenting that Juliet is such a nice daughter for bringing her dad out when I’m with her. #truestory from my client who told me this sad story (thinking back, I think he might just be trying to show off to me that he has got a wife who is hot). Toner, moisturiser, brow serum, and sun block are a daily fixture now.

On top of these, I get to attend really cool events and meet really cool people too!

Most importantly, I think she gave me the motivation to break out from my procrastination and I finally started a blog to share marketing tips and discuss about marketing ideas.

That’s all I have to share for now in this introduction. If you ladies (and gentlemen, if there’s any reading this beauty blog), like the way I wrote, do drop a comment and I’ll try to post more often to hopefully entertain =)

*nervously wondering what if there’s no comments*


Kristen says: I’m thinking of getting guest writers such as Keith to write on Beauty Sorority. Do you like such entries? Let me know your thoughts. If you don’t like Keith, we’ll boot him out (of this blog).