Views On Love: 19 vs 29

In a Whatsapp chat with my favourite girls recently, a friend and I mentioned how our husbands aren’t the most romantic men. This being said, my friend and her husband are one of those couples that I think are super compatible and sweet in their own ways. This is when I also realise how the definition of my “ideal man” has indeed changed from when I was a teenager to what I think now.



1. On romance

At 19: He takes note of it when I spend more time looking at a pretty necklace and surprise me by buying it for me the next day. He sends me flowers randomly and serenade me by the window.
At 29: We accommodate each other’s lifestyles and try to find a way to make our ambitions complement each other. He does the laundry for me because I want to catch up on the TV programme or make breakfast so I can sleep in. He gets off earlier from work by starting work earlier so he can have dinner with me.

2. On beauty

At 19: He cannot be seen complimenting other girls. He always has to say I’m the most beautiful woman he has ever laid his eyes on.
At 29: He thinks I’m beautiful even when I don’t have my makeup on. We can compliment beautiful women together without me thinking that he loves me any less.

3. On spending time together

At 19: We have to see each other often and go out on frequent fun dates.
At 29: Spending quality time can just be staying at home watching TV, discussing about its content or what we think about it. But it’s important to spend some time every day sharing how the day went.

4. On disagreement

At 19: No matter what, he has to apologise first. Preferably with flowers or a nice surprise to make me happy.
At 29: Communicating what each of us is upset about is important. Even if he doesn’t agree, he has to understand and we have to try to find a way to avoid that raw nerve in the future.

5. On conversations

At 19: He has to make me laugh.
At 29: I still like a man who makes me laugh. But more importantly, he should attempt to understand the things I’m most interested in. We should be able to talk about anything under the sun, and have endless conversational topics.

Did you find your ideals changing as you get older?

10 Bags For Work: There’s One For Each Personality!

There are two things women can’t get enough of: shoes and bags. For me, even when I already owned quite a number of bags, I know I still need another one in a colour I don’t already have in my stash, or maybe another bag in a size that’s perfect for a certain occasion.

Here are 10 bags that I’ve shortlisted from online shopping site, Lazada, which are great for work – one for every type of personality:

Mini Shopper Tote

mini shopper tote

Show your enthusiasm at the workplace with this shopper tote (S$24.90). I love the vibrant colour and that it’s spacious. It comes with two zipped sections that you can access from the top opening.

2-Way Bowling Tote

2 way bowling tote

Beige and black are colours that go easily with any getup. This tote (S$20.90), while featuring these two neutral shades, isn’t boring, thanks to the contrasting materials used. I love that it also comes with a detachable strap that I can carry as a crossbody if I want to.

 LZD Quilted Crossbody With Lock

quilted cross body with lock<

The structured shape of this crossbody bag (S$38.90) makes it a minimalist’s choice for a work bag. The quilted design gives it a polished appearance and the lock clasp makes accessing the contents in the bag easier.

Belt Buckle Flap Satchel

belt buckle flap satchel

This satchel (S$26.90) comes in a gorgeous yellow shade that will pop from any getup. Wear it with an all-black outfit to make it stand out, mix it up with different colours to put together an eclectic ensemble.

Round Lid Bucket Backpack

round lid bucket backpack

This round lid bucket backpack (S$30.90) is super cute and I’m sure it’s not something that most people have in their bag collection. While totes are a popular option for work, a backpack is actually convenient because it keeps your hands free, and is better for your shoulders.

Large Flap Cover Tote

large flap cover tote

This large flap cover tote (S$38.90) catches my eyes because of the contrasting red details that outline the bag. It comes with a detachable strap that you can choose to hang the bag on your shoulder, or hold it in your hand like a briefcase. It’s spacious, so it can even double up as a laptop carrier.

2-Way Trapeze Tote

2 way trapeze tote

Highlight your go-getting personality with a bag that looks like it meant business. This trapeze tote (S$24.90) features an interesting texture and gold hardware that give it a polished look. It’ll certainly go well with your power suit.

Double Strap Satchel

double strap satchel

I love the vintage look that this satchel (S$32.90) has. Its slightly worn-out look makes it appear casual enough for dress-down Fridays, while the dull brown shade and gold hardware still makes it appropriate for holding important documents when meeting a client.

Drawstring Bucket Bag

drawstring bucket bag

A drawstring bucket bag (S$16.90) is convenient because its size can be adjusted based on the contents you’ve put into it. Its adjustable strap also means you can choose to carry it as a tote or as a crossbody.

Tote With Buckle Design

tote with buckle design

This canvas and leatherette tote (S$20.90) is one that will coordinate well with any work outfit, making it a smart investment. Its structured body also means that you can organise and find your belongings easily.

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Can You Put Together A Weekend Outfit For Less Than $80?

I ask myself where I have been shopping when I realise that my average dresses are retailing at $50-$80 and shoes at least $40, so it seems almost impossible to put together a decent getup for less than $80.

That’s until I saw really crazy steals available on Zalora, from reputable retailers, no less. Inspired by the jaw-dropping discounts I’ve seen on the e-commerce site, I decided to pick out a few items I think can make a great weekend getup, all for less than $80 (and yes, with free delivery!)

Belted Printed Dress from Mango ($59 $18)


Like, seriously? When was the last time you get a dress from Mango for less than $20 and don’t need to squeeze with 60 other people in the store during sale season?

Multi Buckle Heel Sandals ($29.90 $15)

ezra shoes

This same design also comes in nude and white. I thought it’s versatile enough for both work and play.

Handstitch Crystal Cutout Flower Clip ($7.90)

Flower clip

Not exactly discounted but this is so pretty and affordable. I reckon you can pin it around your dress strap as a cute brooch too, if you want. Or around your bag strap.

Central Stone Combi Bracelet from Mango ($39 $19)

mango bracelet

$19 for this intricate bracelet? Yes!

Gold Tone Gem Stone Rings Pack  from River Island ($29.90 $12)

river island rings


A great look whether you stack them up or wear it alone.

Total damage? $71.90.

Anyway these deals can be made even sweeter thanks to the ZALORA X MasterCard promotion. Shop on Thursdays on Zalora using your Mastercard and get an additional 10% for selected brands.

This post is part of a partnership between Zalora and me, but in no way has it influenced my opinion.

All homes are beginning to look the same…

Just like how I think all weddings are beginning to look the same, I’m beginning to feel like all homes are beginning to look the same.

I’m talking about this look:


It features:

  • A huge hall that is sometimes achieved by hacking down walls of rooms
  • White bricks for walls
  • Concrete floors with no tiles
  • Tracking lights
  • An “island” for your kitchen space that also frequently feature concrete surfaces
  • Quirky furniture or displays that serve little purpose (e.g. a vintage typewriter)

Of course, if it rocks your boat, go ahead with this look. I honestly think it’s cool too. It’s just that too many people are doing it, it’s kinda getting old and boring. It’s like, perhaps in the future you can tell when you renovated your house based on what type of style you went for.

Oh, and if you’re hoping to take a peek at my house. I’ve posted photos of it, post-renovation.

See My New House & Taobao Haul For It Via 65Daigou

After the wedding haul, Keith and I shopped again on Taobao. This time, for our newly-renovated house!

Here’s, for the first time, sharing with you how our new house looks like :)

black and white renovation

black and white renovation 2

black and white renovation 5   black and white renovation 3

black and white renovation 4

As you can see, we went for a black and white theme, something that our interior designer pulled off really well. She also did our space planning impressively, making our house look bigger than what we expected after everything is moved in. I’d really recommend her, so drop me a comment or email if you want her contacts.

Now that everything is more or less set, we started shopping for the smaller items.

Taobao has an amazing collection when it comes to home furnishing. You can even buy huge furniture from there, at crazy prices. But our furniture are mainly taken care of by my amazing interior designer who helps us choose them, so we bought the other essentials from Taobao instead.

Take a look at what we bought!

Because of our black and white theme, the items we chose are in black, white or transparent.

We got this really cool transparent bathroom weighing scale. It’s digital and looks really sleek. This was just for $34.

weighing scale

These jars that we use to hold our sugar, salt and coffee can be bought singly, or like us, in threes and comes with a holder at the bottom. And it’s only $12.29!

sugar jars

sugar jars 2

We are intending to do up a photo wall along a corridor (that you can’t see from the photos I’ve shared). These photo frames of different sizes allow us to get creative with the formation. And $6.98 for all these. (YES!)

photo frames

This is my favourite purchase because it’s sooooo adorable. A door stopper that looks like a guy trying to push at our door. We’ve actually spotted this selling at some quirky shops for more than $20 but we got it at just $6.04. Quite sure it’ll be a conversation-starter for our guests.

door stopper

door stopper 2

Finally, a magnetic holder that we put at the refrigerator. It also allows us to hang kitchen wipes. It is absolutely strong and this helps us to save space and avoid clutter on the tables. This costs just $10.83.

condiments holder

I’ve been told by many people that they know Taobao carries lots of cheap treasures but they just can’t navigate through the complicated website that’s only in Chinese. I use 65daigou, an agent of Taobao, and it makes the shopping process a piece of cake.

It helps convert Taobao URLs into simple-to-follow instructions in English for you to fill in, it handles the shipping from China to Singapore and delivers the package to you safely. It’s a painless process.

I’ve shared the purchase process when I talked about my wedding haul from Taobao, so you can refer to it if you want to know the steps to do it.

Create an account at 65daigou and start shopping!

Midi Skirt Fever: My Picks From Zalora

My colleagues and I do this crazy themed outfit thing on Fridays and just last week, it was midi skirt day, and everyone turned up in all kinds of midi skirts and dresses. Thanks to this themed “event”, I’m beginning to have a bit of a midi skirt fever – I just can’t stop looking at midi skirts!

midi skirts

It is after all very Kate-Middleton-esque. It is proper (enough for work), yet stylish; it is comfortable (you can practically sit any way you like!) but still very flattering. What’s there not to like about midis?

I think I’m going to add more of them into my wardrobe. Heh heh heh.

Here are a few that I’m eyeing from Zalora SG.


This is one that I’m almost sure Kate Middleton will wear. I love the subtle pleat details and this shade of red is just gorgeous.



I know I’ve said that midi skirts are generally work-appropriate, but this raised hemline is definitely going to raise eyebrows. Very cool if you’re in a creative industry where you’re given freedom to dress as you wish, though. And in any case, it makes for a great weekend wear.


I love polka dot details and this has a mesh outer layer that gives a peekaboo effect too.


Did I mention I love polka dot details? :p This one wins my heart too, with its understated design and flattering shape.

How about you? Are you more a mini, maxi or midi skirt girl?

This post is part of a partnership between Zalora and me, but in no way has it influenced my opinion.

How to hold a kickass wedding (that will get featured in a magazine/wedding website)

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a newly-wed myself but I’ve been noticing a lot of wedding-related stories on mass media. Whether is it the couple who got into serious debt after splurging $110,000 on their wedding, or unusual pre-wedding photographs, it looks like newlyweds these days are always trying to outdo one another and hold the most kickass wedding ever.

There are a number of websites that are specifically dedicated to featuring unique weddings in Singapore. And as someone who was planning her wedding not too long ago, I obviously visit them from time to time. However, what’s really interesting to me is that while some newlyweds try to be unique, eventually, they all start to all look the same.

Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, see these weddings in a negative light. Please don’t be offended if it sounds like your wedding. I’m not targeting anyone specifically. I’m just sharing an interesting observation that I’ve made. :)

So, here I have compiled a list of things to include in your wedding if you want to be one of the unique weddings that are featured in magazines or websites:

#1: Poms Poms

Colourful, handmade poms poms are the order of the day if you want your wedding to look feature-able.

poms poms

#2: Chairs that says “Mr & Mrs”

Alternative would be “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”. Preferably, they’re handmade and strung together and hung on the chairs.


#3: A candy bar

Made up of macarons, lollipops so huge nobody can ever finish it without developing a toothache, popcorns, and gem biscuits (because vintage = hipster = cool).

candy bar

#4: Get guests to write notes

Guestbooks are passé. Give people colour pieces of paper to write their well-wishes for you. They should preferably be able to hang it onto some kind of tree or put it into a vintage-looking box.

wedding notes

#5: Funny outfits for the groomsmen

Groomsmen are already going to be humiliated when they do the gatecrash anyway. Why not give them crazy outfits like superhero costumes and humiliate them further?


I couldn’t find better photos, but I think this cufflink idea is kinda cool. Me likey!

#6: Birdcages as a décor

Maybe it’s to symbolize how the couple are going to lose their freedom from now…

bird cage

#7: Wedding bouquet that’s not made of flowers

Consider buttons, or origami cranes, or maybe even vegetables like broccoli, kailan or peppers.

vegetables wedding bouquet

#8: A crazy wedding car you would never usually see on the road

wedding car

Because… where else would the budget go to?

#9: End the wedding with a dance

Because yumseng is too mainstream. You need your photos to look fluid, not static. (No pictures because I can’t find any without faces).

Anyway, whether unique weddings are cool or annoying, you know what’s important? That the couple and their guests enjoyed themselves. Even more important is that they remember that marriage is more than just a fun party, but that it’s a day they’re going to remember and honour for the rest of their lives.

On a separate note, I can’t wait for my wedding photos to be ready so you can look at them and judge me.