Express Your Inner Beauty: A Christmas Charity Project

27 Nov

I’ve sounded my friends out on Facebook regarding embarking on a charity project with me this Christmas and I’m pleased to know that a few of you are supportive :)

The concept of this project is detailed in this poster (Thanks BBB for doing this up for me! And feel free to share this poster with your friends):

Inner Beauty Christmas Charity Project at Beauty Sorority

The whole idea is to reward kindness. Sometimes we want to do something for the less fortunate, but may feel a little “lazy” or unmotivated to. I hope that by rewarding you with a little hamper, you’d feel more motivated to do a little more :)

Feel free to write to me at kristen[underscore]beautysorority[at]hotmail[dot]com should you have any questions. As for those of you who have already indicated your interest, I have reserved hampers for you and will be writing you an email to tell you that I’ve kicked off this project. I’m planning to complete this project by 16 December, so contact me before the closing date!

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